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Good bye domain!

Hello Everyone!!

I want to thank you all for following Edgar's Review over the years. It's been a long time since the last posting and have decided to not keep the domain.

You can read the old reviews here instead:

Please take care and happy eating! See you around.

- Edgar

PS I will be keeping for those interested.

Leslie's Retreat ****

We entered Leslie's Retreat on a work night looking to avoid having to cook a meal! Once we found the sign that lead us to the parking area in back, we noticed the quaint patio area on our way in. Inside, we found it a little outdated, with dark wood used throughout.

We were surprised to find so many Italian dishes in, what appears to be, a "Yankee" styled restaurant themed after colonial Salem.  Still, it didn't matter with the well proportioned meals they serve.

Cilantro ***

For Mother's Day, I brought my mom to Cilantro (on Derby St. in Salem). Cilantro was dimly lit, with art on the walls and Aztec looking figurines scattered about. It took about 10 minutes after being seated to get our menus. Sadly, the cheapest entree was $18! I ordered the Puntas de Filete ($21), marinated beef tenderloin tips cooked in either a tomatillo pepper sauce, homemade salsa, or a fresh chipotle pepper sauce, and served with rice and beans.

Casa de Lucca ***

Unseeming and quaint, you feel like you've been transported to someone's house for an Italian dinner with all 52 cousin Vinny's and countless friends! With heaping portions, Casa de Lucca doesn't fail to deliver a full belly and a couple of buttons undone!

Dockside at Malden ***

We went just looking for dinner, and I had remembered eating at there years ago. The place was packed and various games were on the countless televisions over the bar and on smaller televisions at some of the booths. This very small and local chain fit the bill.

Hayward's Restaurant ***

The other night we were in the mood for some local grub and Hayward's fit the bill. With the diner feel, you expect and get good old family cooking! My girlfriend ordered and loved her baked haddock dinner ($12.95) with a side of vegetables and tomato soup which was the soup of the day. It was hot and juicy enough to make your mouth water.

Chow Thai Cafe *****

We decided to go into Boston for a bite, but went through Charlestown instead. After driving by my old office, I remembered a Thai restaurant I used to frequent, Thai Chow Cafe. It was night and found parking - which sometimes is not easy to find. The Cafe has a small and comfortable atmosphere such as you'd find at a Starbucks, or better yet, your living room.

The Willowtree Restaurant *

Ironically, I wrote this review before they began their renovation. I hope it's to improve the decor and possibly a better chef...

Although I'm frequently in Peabody, had grown up there, and despite driving by The Willowtree all the time, I never went in. Well, that's now changed! The decor was something out of 70's magazine dealing with woodworking.