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Rolly's Tavern on the Square ***

A quaint sports bar in Wyoma Square, Rolly's Tavern is a great place for small groups of friends to get together for a quick bite or to enjoy conversation over the sport memorabilia splattered over the walls.

Rolly's offers the basics of most sports bars, but with its clean atmosphere and homey feel, it could be the kind of place you find yourself visiting often to eat "the usual"

The Bad:
Limited space equals crowded Friday nights
Friendly, but limited wait staff during day
Menu could be expanded a little bit more
Parking entrance is not clearly defined and out of the way (parking in rear of building)
The Good:
Good ol' American burgers are delicious!
Good wraps
Menu is online!
      Price: wraps are about $8, entrees average $11

      Date rate: Great for a casual lunch date!

      Rolly's Tavern on the Square
      338 Broadway, Lynn, MA 01904
      (781) 599-2160
      Rollys Tavern on the Square on Urbanspoon

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