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Stephy's Kitchen *****

I know this is a breakfast diner, but I had to make an exception to only rating places you could bring a date to, it's just that good! I had the banana pancakes, tried the chocolate pancakes and ate two eggs with raisin bread toast.
This is by far the best breakfast food I have had - ever! It only can compare to mom's food. You can easily eat for two until tummies are full for under $20 easily.

This is a MUST for breakfast! IHOP has nothing on this great little diner!

Ambience: Breakfast

Cuisine: Breakfast (again :)

The Bad:
Nothing bad here!

The Good:
Delicious with a home cooked quality to all their breakfast meals!!! Yummmy!
Great service
Take out service
    Price: Nothing on the menu goes over $8!

    Date rate: I guess this could be the morning after place.

    Stephy's Kitchen
    41 Beckford Street
    Beverly, MA 01915
    (978) 921-6393

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