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O'Neill's Authentic Irish Pub & Restaurant **

Yes, I know, two Irish restaurants in a row. I thought this would be slightly more upscale being in downtown Salem, but I was wrong. The waitress was nice, but inexperienced, the wall decorations reminded you of all things Irish, but that's about it. The menu only had a two or three Irish dishes and the best ones, if that's what you call them, were Italian-American or Mexican!

I am well known for my appetite and ability to eat massive amounts of food, but this place had me trying to get out early as if it were a bad movie. I only ate half my food, including appetizer. I liked the music mix, but some of it was not appropriate for the dining crowd.

Ambience: Casual

Cuisine: Irish, Italian, Mexican

The Bad:
Clean but broken items in the bathroom
I was seated by the window, but the window had a big crack!
Wobbley and sticky table
I actually had a couple of fruit flies bugging the heck out of me (no pun intended)
Food was too salty, both entrees
The Quesadilla appetizer I ordered was obviously not the best with its salsa from a bottle and low quality cheese

The Good:
The gingerale
Location (downtown Salem) - like Edgewater Cafe, it could better take advantage of its location with some more attention to detail

Price Range: entrees range from $10 - $15 - good value if all else was without issue.

Date Rate: I wouldn't take a date here unless you were trying to lose her (or him).

Overall Value: 2 Stars :(

O'Neill's authentic Irish Pub and Restaurant
120 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970
(978) 740-8811

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1 comment:

arancha said...

Sounds a bit scarry..wobbley and sticky table? those kind of places only make me think on how bad the kitchen hygine must be. Mmm sorry for your stomach Ed...Sure next time you´ll find something great and at a good price :)