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Hong Kong Cafe ***

Your downtown Chinese restaurant - literally. Hong Kong is your "go to" restaurant for your American-Chinese fill when you're running late, too tired to cook, or just want to a place to go with your friends or significant other for a quick and pleasant dinner.

A great cheap eat, it makes up for being more of a take out than a "date" place. They will take MSG out of most dishes or steam, rather than fry, upon request.

Ambience: Casual

Cuisine: Chinese

The Bad:
Decor could be brought out from the 70s and into the 21st century

The Good:
Parking: Free Parking, Street Parking
Service: Average
Cleanliness: Average
People: Families
Other: Delivery, $2., $15. minimum
Accessibility: Public Transportation, Handicap
Portions: Large

Entrée: Most entrees are under $11. Chef's specialties and combos are no more than $15. See their specials!

Date Rate: We can do better

Overall Value: 3 Stars

Hong Kong Café
12 Maple Street, Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 739-9188
(978) 739-2308 Fax

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