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Toscana Ristorante***

We arrived and were almost immediately seated at a cozy booth. Aesthetically pleasing, with arches and Italian themed d├ęcor, everything was looking great!

Once seated, we found it a bit noisy, mostly due to a group of women in the corner thinking everyone wanted to hear their conversation! I feel that's an exception that can happen anywhere. Besides, it's not Italian if it's not loud sometimes! Either case, our overall experience was positive.

We got the Fettuccini Carbonara, $13.99, Parmigiana Presidente, $14.99. Both tasted superb; the parmigiana was a larger portion though. They have plenty to choose from, but all Italian. Call ahead for nights with live entertainment! A bit more than I'd like to spend, but definitely a great meal!

Ambience: Casual, Romantic

Cuisine(s): Italian

The Good:
Parking: Free Parking
Accessibility: Handicap, Public Transportation
Service: Average
People: Great for couples
Other: Live music

The Bad:
Cleanliness: Very Clean, except the bathroom could've used a looking at
Date Rate: I'm impressed

Overall Value: 3

Tuscana Ristorante
3 Bourbon Street
Peabody, MA 01960
(978) 535-0731
(978) 535-0775

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