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Antique Table ****

I noticed Antique Table a couple years ago, driving by it often on my way to Swampscott. The exterior has a strong Mediterrenean look and the inside, well, a bit smaller than anticipated. The entire restaurant probably sits no more30 people. We sat down and asked for a suggestion from the waitress. She suggested an Antique pizza ($8.95).

Full of peppers - both green and red - mushrooms, onions, and chicken breast - it was delicious. The pizza itself was a bit small, but was tasty. Appetizers range $7.50-11.95 with entrees ranging $13.95-$19.95 (most about $15). Sides are all under $5.

Cuisine: Italian

Ambience: Casual, Intimate

The Good:
Price: Average
Portions: Average
Service: Excellent
Cleanliness: Spotless
People: A bit of everything, but mostly thirty-somethings or older

The Bad:
Parking: Awkward parking in rear lot and if it's full, good luck on the street

Date Rate: I'm impressed, too bad it was too noisy

Overall Value: 4

Antique Table
2 Essex Street
Lynn, MA 01902
(781) 477-9778

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1 comment:

Greciankeys said...

Had lunch on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 1-16-2012. Decor: Quaint Service: Waiter Andrew "classy"
Food: eminently good Dessert: Tiramisu Out of this world