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Howling Wolf Taqueria **

When I saw this new Salem restaurant, I was immediately interested - especially with the Mexican theme! I was hopeful to find a new place I could regularly go to. The theme, colors, and d├ęcor is definitely fresh and unique. "Wolf" also has a well-done (no pun intended) website.

The place was packed, so the wait was anticipated. What I was not, was what I call the "flow". There was no host to be found and the check-in was about 20 feet away from the entrance!
It took walking over to the rear of the dining room to find someone to tend to my party. After that, the wait was a reasonable 10-15 minutes. Once seated, we were able to order our dishes, and did; although they messed up our orders twice.

There also seemed to be a bit of confusion in how service was conducted. Perhaps the next several months will "oil" their machine. Either case, we ordered the fish taco's and quesedilla, without the rice. The order came back with rice and the other side items ordered never came. The fish tacos were over priced in my book too - despite being cheaply priced. I'm sure they'll improve with time, but I did not have a pleasant time. There is plenty for under $10, so price is not an issue.

Ambience: Casual

Cuisine(s): American, Mexican

The Good:
Accessibility: Handicap
Cleanliness: Good
Other: Free Wi-Fi, Delivery (Salem only), Live music
Price: Cheap
Parking: Free Parking, Metered Street Parking

The Bad:
Service: Unattentive, definitely not paying attention to what we asked for
People: College Crowd - Okay, if that's what you want
Portions: Slight too small even for the cheap price
Date Rate: Ew! - not romantic

Overall Value: 2

Howling Wolf Taqueria
76 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 744-9653

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Anonymous said...

I've driven by, but never ate there. Now I'll know what to expect or perhaps they've improved.

Pete said...

A friend of mine wanted to try this place out the other night, even after reading your review I decided to give it a shot.
I got the chicken fajita chimichanga, wasn't too bad but everything had too much salt in it.
3 of us ate and the bill came to a total $35 with 3 entrees, chips & queso, and one iced tea. Not too bad, but the salt killed it for us. and our waiter was a very awkward mix of Will Arnett and Andy Dick.