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Olympic Gardens ***

I was invited to eat at Olympic Gardens one day for lunch and have been back twice since. A very new, and clean, pub and grill has appetizers from $2.95 - $7.95, sandwiches range from $5.95 - $6.95 (club sandwiches being about another dollar). What I liked is that they do have a kid's menu. Also, their chicken and pasta dishes don't exceed $13.

I tried the free buffet at their grand opening and had their chicken, broccoli, and ziti Alfredo along with pork sausage and green bell peppers - I quite enjoyed it. On another occasion I had ziti with stuffed peppers and sampled the chicken cacciatore ($10.95).

Stuffed Peppers
Overall, I have enjoyed all I've tasted although they have yet to develop signature dishes. They've only recently opened, but a slightly lower price point lunch menu is missing to help bring in the local business crowd more frequently. Their portions versus cost is fine for the weekend warrior or weekly crow and The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I see a lot of potential for the new and fine establishment.

Cuisine: Greek, Italian, American

Ambience: Casual

The Good:
Parking: Street, Adjacent lot
Price of Entree: $10-$15 Affordable
Service: Good
Cleanliness: Impeccable
People: Family and Kid Friendly
Handicap Accessible: Yes

The Bad:
Price of Entree: $10-$15 Affordable, but limits those would be daily patrons
Portions: Average

Date Rate: We can do better!

Overall Value: 3

Olympic Gardens Pub and Grill
41 Buffum Street
Lynn, MA 01902
(781) 595-0016

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