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Out of Asia ***

Last Friday my girlfriend and I were dying for Chinese food and decided to try Out of Asia. When we got there, there weren't a lot of people there at the time.  Out of Asia has a bar and numerous TVs which could be good when there's a game on. The table next to ours had two pieces of cardboard under two of the legs to prop it up and they kept duck sauces and wasabi on top of the table.

But I digress, we decided to split orders of Pineapple Coconut Fried Rice with Chicken ($7.95), Sauteed Garlic Noodles ($6.50), and Honey Glazed Chicken with Sesame ($11.75). We also ordered a shirley temple which was really packed with Grenadine - it was too sweet to really enjoy!

It took us about 10-15 minutes to receive our food which was good because we were really hungry, which made me wonder how fresh the food was. The food was decent, starting with the noodles that were covered in a really buttery garlic sauce. The chicken was pretty good as well, but it was just too sweet for me.

To be honest I think the food was a small step above the Chinese food you would get in a mall food court. At one point during my meal, I needed a refill for my drink and couldn't manage to flag down the waiter. Around 20 minutes later he came by and I asked for a refill, but I often noticed some of the employees hanging out just watching TV in the dining room. Our bill came out to around $35 after tip.

-Contributed by: Peter Vourloumis

Cuisine: Chinese

Ambience: Casual, Intimate

The Good:
Portions: Average
Service: Not bad
Cleanliness: Spotless
Price: Entree $10-$15, affordable
People: Quiet. Older, couples
Parking: Free lot

The Bad:
Handicap accessible: No
Food: Quality could be improved upon

Date Rate: I'm impressed

Overall Value: 3

Out of Asia
1268 Broadway
Saugus, MA 01906
(781) 231-3883

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