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Chow Thai Cafe *****

We decided to go into Boston for a bite, but went through Charlestown instead. After driving by my old office, I remembered a Thai restaurant I used to frequent, Thai Chow Cafe. It was night and found parking - which sometimes is not easy to find. The Cafe has a small and comfortable atmosphere such as you'd find at a Starbucks, or better yet, your living room.

Of course, we managed to be the last people to order before the kitchen closed up! Having got the crab rangoon $6.25, the shrimp mango chicken $12.95, and the panang $14.95, two sides of rice for $2.50 each) and Thai custard $3.95. $45.31 with tip.  I can say, my girlfriend and I both thought it's the best Thai food we've ever had!! They'll even help de-spice food for those that don't like hot stuff! Check out their menu.

Cuisine: Thai, Sushi, Coffee

Ambience: Casual, Romantic

The Good:
Service: Prompt & courteous, the owner happen to be there and asked if there's anything we needed!
Cleanliness: Clean as a whistle
People: A bit of everything
Parking: Street
Portions: Average

The Bad:
Price: Good for dining just outside Boston, a little steep for the suburbians. Definitely going back more often.

Date Rate: Let's get googly-eyed

Overall Value: 5

Chow Thai Cafe
187 Main St
Charlestown, MA 02129
(617) 242-5232

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